What if every seller in the world had a personal assistant?

The Tact.ai Assistant accelerates sales and customer flow through a human-friendly touch, chat and voice experience. The Assistant automates admin work and taps sellers on the shoulder with just-in-time intelligence.

Extending over customer data & insights scattered across multiple systems such as CRM, email, calendar, and legacy databases, the Assistant is a new frictionless way for sellers to work and a new way for Sales Leaders to augment them.


Human-friendly Conversational AI Assistance

The Assistant initiates and engages in natural conversations, provides intelligent insights before customer interactions, and logs activities to CRM (e.g calls, events, tasks) in the golden 5 minutes, enabling sellers to stay in their daily flow for maximum productivity.

True 360° insights across systems

The Assistant brings a truly integrated customer view by seamlessly integrating across Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, LinkedIn, Email, and Calendar, and other critical customer databases such as Marketing Automation or Order tracking systems.

Contextual push intelligence

The Assistant pushes contextual insights such as changes in Accounts or Contacts (e.g. key stakeholder attrition, drop in Customer Health score) just before meetings, after meetings, or based on key events in the lifecycle of a deal.

Your favorite productivity tools in one place

The Assistant brings in one place all the tools you need for everyday sales activities including a Priority Inbox, Content Tracking, Business Card Scanning, Route Planning, and convenience services.

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