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Get the mobile Salesforce app salespeople use every day, along with the tools managers need to lead their teams and IT needs to protect your business.

Your sales team will thank you

Your team will thank you

A salesperson’s work should be centered around communicating with customers, not updating Salesforce as an afterthought. Tact makes Salesforce disappear into your business’ daily sales flow. With Tact, their day should flow better and feel more productive. See the features salespeople love or keep reading about enterprise benefits.

Increase Salesforce adoption

Increase Salesforce adoption

Tact was built first and foremost for salespeople. It combines the power of Salesforce with the apps your business uses every day — phone, calendar, email and address book — and was designed for the best mobile experience. With Tact, every day should flow better and feel more productive.

The best mobile Salesforce app

Salesforce data in every activity

1-tap logging to Salesforce

Better visibility from better data

Better visibility, better data

Tact puts Salesforce at your team’s fingertips in their daily flow so you know what’s happening, when it happens. It simplifies logging of sales activities, quickly adding notes and follow-ups, and updating Salesforce records. Better data means better reporting and insight, so your business can step up their game.

More logged calls, emails & meetings

See sales activities as they happen

Accurate reporting & insight

Improved business productivity

Improved business productivity

Tact combines enterprise power with a consumer feel to dramatically improve sales productivity. It is built to make using Salesforce easier, eliminate as much manual work as possible, and assist salespeople in organizing and prioritizing the work they need to get done. Think of it as a personal assistant.

Fast & reliable – even offline

Save time logging to Salesforce

Smart logginng alerts & reminders

Full admin controls

Full admin controls

Tact Enterprise Manager delivers management and control features designed specifically for Salesforce administrators. It gives administrators full visibility into their sales business’ use of Tact, and the ability to safeguard company and customer data. Learn more about Tact Enterprise Manager on AppExchange.

User access

Usage reports

Remote wipe

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Simple, self-service setup

Salespeople can get setup within minutes without bothering their CRM admin or the IT department by downloading the Tact App directly. Contact us to help get your business setup.

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