3 New Apps

Tact Hello • Tact Peek • Tact Go

Tact Hello

Leverages your mobile device camera to scan business cards. When salespeople meet new customers, they can now simply take a photo of the business card, and Tact Hello will automatically recognize the contact fields and create a new contact in Salesforce CRM.

Tact Peek

Attach rich content including slide decks, spreadsheets, proposals, sales collateral, videos and more without running into email size limitations. Recipients can view the content directly on their desktop or mobile browsers. Tact Peek leverages the device’s real-time push notifications to alert salespeople when a prospect has opened an email, and gives them detailed insight into how much time was spent on each page.

Tact Go

Use your mobile device’s GPS to overlay a map visualization of their meetings so salespeople have instant access to driving directions, weather forecasts and Yelp. When they finish a meeting, Tact will prompt them to log the meeting to Salesforce, even including voice-to-text notes, and suggest other nearby prospects and customers to visit.

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