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Fast & smooth native apps

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Works 100% without cell connection

When you are on the road, you’re at the mercy of the nearest cellphone tower. Network congestion and latency make many mobile apps slow and clunky — or completely useless.

Works without a connection

Works without a connection

Tact syncs all of your data directly onto your mobile device so you can keep working even when you lose cellular connection. When the cell signal is back on, Tact automatically syncs your updates to your email and Salesforce.

No waiting for slow screens

No waiting for slow screens

Tact’s offline syncing also makes the mobile experience fast & smooth even when cell coverage is spotty — not just offline. Whether you’re in a tunnel, elevator or large crowd, Tact relies on locally synced data to keep up with your work speed.

Faster smoother native app

Faster & smoother native app

Simply put, native apps like Tact will always be faster & smoother than HTML5 web apps even when cell coverage is perfect. It's the difference between reading your email in the iPhone browser versus using the Apple Mail app.

Sync makes mobile work

Sync makes mobile work

Tact’s Sync Platform makes all of this possible on your mobile device. Just as iCloud and Google sync photos and music, Tact syncs customer data to your device so you can sell anytime, anywhere. If it doesn’t sync, it’s not really mobile.

Simple, self-service setup

Salespeople can get setup on their own within minutes. No need to bother your CRM admin or the IT department.

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