Voice Intelligence Delivers the First In-Car Experience for Sellers

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Moving beyond traditional speech transcription and commands, Voice Intelligence delivers conversation-driven workflows that allow sellers to control their enterprise applications with natural language in-car. At the core of the new Voice Intelligence engine are five unique features:

Adaptive Organizational Ontologies

Unlike general purpose digital assistants that cater to a wide range of consumer interest, Tact is specialized: trained to support discussions tailored to the sales domain, seller persona, and enterprise terminology.

Nonlinear Dialog Flows

Allows the assistant to adapt to the user’s conversation flow in a more dynamic way, even when the user switches topics.

Situational Context

Ensures the highest rate of accuracy by incorporating knowledge about the user, their preferences, and past conversation history to better understand and predict what they mean.

Dynamic Narratives

Allows the assistant to avoid monotonous answers by providing more human-sounding responses in natural language, instead of mechanical readouts of database fields.

System-Initiated Conversations

Like a human assistant tapping you on the shoulder, the digital assistant can now proactively initiate a dialog with the user to push insights and enable the user to take action.

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