What if every seller in the world had a war room for every customer?

The Tact.ai Workspace creates deal rooms controlled by the seller to get things done with their deal team, partners and the customer — minus the endless meetings, calls and emails. It compresses hierarchies and sales cycles and helps sales leaders grow revenue faster.

Blending chat, voice and video messages, live meetings, document markups, to-do's, approvals, and e-signatures. Available on any device. And the Tact.ai assistant is always an @mention away to answer questions or pull data.

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Personalized Deal Rooms with AI Assistance an @mention away

The Workspace enables Sales teams to collapse internal boundaries (e.g. with Marketing, Customer Success, or Procurement) and bring the right people and resources together to close deals faster. It has persistent, secure, messaging and the Tact.ai Assistant is an @mention away.

True 360° integration across systems

The Workspace removes customer data friction for Sales by unifying and providing a 360 view across CRM, content repositories, and customer databases such as Support and Order Management tools.

Seamless approval workflows

The Workspace removes bottlenecks that slow down deals, from legal and procurement proposal approvals to customer e-signatures and approval workflows that users can easily interact with through conversational interactions.

Your favorite business collaboration tools in one place

The Workspace provides teams with rich communication channels for live and asynchronous messaging, audio/video meetings, annotation & previews, and spot commenting. With the Workspace, sellers, internal teams and customers can seamlessly transition from message to meeting to workflows in an instant.

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