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The New System of Workflow for Sales

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Consumer technologies — from the iPhone and WhatsApp, to the Alexa and Uber — have removed tremendous friction from our personal lives. But enterprise technology has turned us into slaves to the Inbox and data entry robots.

Tact.ai delivers a new system of workflow for sellers — powered by AI running on edge devices — to transform their everyday sales activities. An AI sales assistant for a frictionless way to work with apps. An intelligent workspace for a frictionless way to work with people. Both built on our conversational AI platform that connects any application to any device.

It’s an entirely new way to work and talk with your customers; driving revenue growth, sales productivity and the customer experience. In the office. At your home. Or in your car.

Accelerate sales and customer flow with the human-friendly AI Assistant

What if every seller in the world had a personal assistant to do their admin work and tap them on the shoulder with just-in-time intelligence?

The Tact.ai Assistant does that just that — through touch, chat and voice. It's the seller's single pane of glass over customer data & insights scattered across multiple systems such as CRM, email, calendar, and legacy databases.

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Compress hierarchies and sales cycles with the Intelligent Workspace

What if every seller in the world had a war room for every customer? To communicate and get things done with their deal team, partners and the customer — minus the endless meetings, calls and emails.

The Tact.ai Workspace creates deal rooms controlled by the seller. Blending chat, voice and video messages, live meetings, document markups, to-do's, approvals, and e-signatures. Available on any device. And the Tact.ai assistant is always an @mention away to answer any questions or pull any data.

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Consumer-like and Enterprise-grade. Meet the intelligent edge platform for sales.

What if you could get the best of both worlds: People and Software. Cloud and Edge. User-friendly and IT-friendly. Multi-tenant and Single-tenant. Structured and Unstructured. Voice and Screen. All in a single platform.

The Tact.ai Conversational Sales Platform is built on a new kind of architecture that goes beyond forms-on-a-database. It allows you and your IT team to integrate your apps and your people to create friction free workflows, with complete control of your data.

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